Today I am Thankful

Well, hello! Long time, no see!

Would not have surprized me if an entire ice age would have passed since the last time I wrote here... yes, it was THAT long ago. 

I figured that since it was so long ago since my last post, I should now post something more meaningful (Madame, if you dislike clichés, this is the time to hit the little red cross of you web browser)

So, let's get started. I do not know what really what has happened to me emotionally the last week (oh shit, here we go...) but I think it's simply because I have passed the honeymoon phase of my new life in my new city. In the beginning I just loved my city, the new friends I got through my master program, the apartment and all the new fun events that happened. But now, I just feel like:"Meh..". You know that feeling, right? Is that feeling, or rather the non-feeling where you feel (exactly!) nothing. It's neither good, nor bad and all you want to do is walk around in your ugliest pants and watch brain-killer-tv-shows such as Pretty Little Liars (seriously, will I EVER get to know who A is????). Because you don't give a shit about anything. So why would you give the world the satisfaction of doing things when you really don't care? (Ouch, this really sounds horrible... but it is true!) 

I guess this could be a little strike of the good ole' winter depression that we up here in the north usually experiences when we reach the later half of the year.. but I haven't really diagnosed this shit yet haha.

BUT, here comes the turnaround!

Today I just realized I was being silly... Of course everyone has to have these little dips at times, it is completely natural and probably even healthy in order to appreciate the good times later on. Anyway, I started thinking about why I actually should care and that rising from these bad times usually comes from appreciating and be thankful for what you actually have! It is bad how seldom I actually just stop my 100 mph life and starts to think about all the wonderful things I have to be thankful for. And actually, I think the pressure just behind my forehead got a little easier, my pillow got a little fluffier and if it just isn't pure imagination, I think the sun may have started to shine a little brighter. 

So here is my list of thankfulness for today, and I should really do this more often! (and once again, sorry for the cliché. But I really think one have to be reminded of this more often! And I'll tell you if you think this is boring, I have a whole life of student crazyness and catastrophes to share... so stay tuned peeps)

  • I have a wonderful family that supports me and loves me even though I'm sulking and hiss at them in the phone.
  • Lovely friends who always are just a phone call away
  • I am currently studying a great master program which hopefully will lead to something great after graduation
  • I have a bright future to look forward to! A future filled with love, fun and exciting events, a career and lots of cozy times!

  • Lastly, I just have to mention that I'm so thankful that winter is coming (haha sounded like a quote from Game of Thrones!) I'm so excited for the cold, snowy days! Walking in the cold, crisp air, getting rosy cheeks and later walking inside, drinking tea and hot chocolate! I cannot wait!

Now, I'll go to bed and dream about winter times! 


(Pictures from Pinterest)


The Tiny Issue of Money... and Travelling

I don't have a dairy.

But sometimes, I wish that I was one of those fantastic persons who write about their life, in order to air their own thoughts. However, the thing with diaries are that when you write about matters that are disturbing, these problems tend get much more attention than they really deserve. Instead these annoying little detailes should just be pushed back into you unconcious until completely forgotten (alternatively, they could be killed with wine.. or tequila)

On the positive side (there is always a positive side) when writing promises, resolutions or just general goals in a diary, I mean when you actually articulate these in words, you actually tend to follow them! And it's actually scientifically proven!

So, in the absence of a real, physical, pretty paper diary, I'll just write one of my goals here instead... then I'll never be able to escape it haha... which might have inauspicious effects since this goal is about saving money... and everyone who knows me, know that I sometimes (read: usually) tend to loose control over my cash balance... ooops sorry, not sorry.

Anyway, cut the bullshit Emilia and get to the point!

So I hereby promise to the whole internet sphere that I will save all the money I have now, including ALL the salary I get from my summer job (obviously I have to live and eat.. but you get the deal) in order to be able to save money for a budget so I can travel. 

I dont really know how I got to this conclusion... I guess I am just tired of being stuck here during the summer, just because I have no money left to spend on travelling. I have two weeks of vacation in June, which I will spend rotting in my parents house just because I am broke. FML. 

I can of course also blame the wounderful founders of the blog worldtourstories.com it's the most amazing blog about a couple circumnavigating (aaah dont you just LOVE that word...) the world on their boat. Everytime I read it I just want to pack my bags and get the hell away from here.

Below are some beeeeautiful pictures from their blog!

This is Taru, who's writing about her and Alex's amazing adventure! And she is actually from the same hometown as me, Gothenburg! Always nice to feel some home town-pride! 
All pictures above from: www.worldtourstories.com

Thankfully, I have been on a couple of adventures too! And when I feel a little down (like today...) I just scroll through my pictures from when I was on Guadeloupe... The most amazing island in the world! Colorful, friendly and oh-so-fanastic....

And just like that I decided... Today I will be happy! Because today is a completely new day. 


So much to look forward to!

Right now I am sitting at my parents house, or I dont know about sitting, more like jumping around! 

It was like lightning just hit me, I realized that I have so much to look forward to, and I just got so overwhelmingly happy that if I wasnt alone in my house at the moment, I would give the nearest person a big kiss!!

So in the near future I have; first a big club premiere with all my friends on thursday, then I was invited to an old friend's party on friday (yes I know... let's ignore the apparent increase in my alcohol consumption...), I'm going to visit my sister in the UK in like two weeks, not to mention that it is only 30 (OMFG!!) day until I fly to Colorado Springs where 3 craaaaaazy weeks lies ahead; skiing, cuddling&kissing and travelling! Moreover, spring is slowly coming to Sweden which means that tons of coffee will be enjoyed in the sun with some amazing friends! 

However, even though I have so many things to look forward to, my life is still pretty messed up and my feelings are like a friggin rollercoaster; I'm graduating in May without any plans for the future, I just became single which obviously means a lot of stress and sadness, and I have veeery confusing guy in a country on the other side of the atlantic...

But right now I'll just forget about those not-so-nice pieces of crap, because man, there some fun times coming for me!

xo/ Happy Girl



YES!!! This is actually completely true!! Guess who is going back to heaven in 45 days?! ME!!!

Holy Cow... Im sooooo excited! A little bit too excited actually haha! Because I have a hard time focusing on the things that actually matters now; like assignments, thesis and everyday life... I just cannot Carpe the Fucking Diem... If you get what I mean. 

Every single minute of the day, ever single second, nano second.... I think of the moment when I walk into Colorado Springs airport, when I hug my friends, buy my first coffee at Benji's, the second when i see him... 

Yes, of course there is a guy in the picture. There is always someone special. I'm going to stop talking about him right now, because once again I have to STOP FREAKING ABOUT IT! That's what everyone is telling; "stop thinking about it and then time will just fly by!" Pffffff.... Like it is that easy?! No, it's is not. 

So pleeease, my little cyber space friends; if you have any tips at all to make time just fly away, please share them! I will soon have my own Grand Canyon in my apartment as a result from walking back and forth, hoping that the 45 days between me and the 3rd of april will just magically disappear...


What I reallyreallyreally want to wear right now!

Winter can be a little toooo harsh here in Sweden, and you mostly want to stay inside. In bed. All day.

Well, you still have to go up, step on the freeeezing floor, drink a cup of coffee and drag yourself to school. Wearning any of these outfits would just make my day so much cozier and easier. Well, they would just make my life a lot better, Im sure of it! 

New Beginnings

Here I am again... Long time no see!

Quite much has changed since last time.
Here I am again, being single.

Usually being single or not is really not a big deal, but since one of my last post was about weddings and me wanting to marry my then-boyfriend. Funny, how quick some things change...

However, since I have been dwelling on this break-up thing far too long already; thinking back and forth on my decision (yes, apparently I am the bad guy here...) to break-up was right or not... Luckily, I am really sure that this was the best for both of us. We got together when I was 16 (almost 6 years ago!) so I really believe that we both have to test our own wings a bit.

So why the heck am I back here?! 

I mean, it went sooooo well the last... what is it, 1000 times?! (you hear my irony right?!)

Well, the thing is, being a single gal means that you suddenly has a lot of free, dead time, which you normally would spend with your BF; like cooking, chillin' or going to dinners at grandmas/grandpas looking all fancy and dressed up... but suddenly, there is just soooo much time!!! 

I figured that I really need to do something with all this time (well, what's left after I have been terrorizing all my girlfriends...), otherwise I will just get crazy! Anyways, my sister said "Maybe blogging is your thing!" In that moment I was just too ashamed of my non-talent in blogging that I just stayed silent... 

But here it is; my 1001 try at blogging!

Hey, you can't blame a girl for trying!



Hi all!

Finally, IT IS FRIDAY! 

This has definitely been a hard week; lots of studying and an exam on Wednesday. So I actually think that I deserve having a bloody good weekend! 

So yesterday I went jogging, not the most fun thing to do but the feeling the seconds after you stop is just intoxicating! No wonder that people become exercise-aholics.... After I had run for 40 min I did some squats in the hill that leads up to my house and apparently the CC hockey team passed me because my friend who is in the team told me today that he and the others saw me and that I was crazy making squats in a uphill slope... haha I guess handball practice has teached me well ;)

So, on Saturday me and my room mate are going to Manitou Springs which is supposed to be a prettier version of Colorado Springs. We are taking the bus there, which apparently is an adventure of its own... It's going to be interesting! 

Now I am off to the shower because tonight is party night :) I wonder if I will ever get used to the very-american-house-party-thing... Going to be fun anyways!

Have wonderful night y'all!